Saturday, May 16, 2015

FMS Photo a day - 7 May

The prompt for 7 May was key.

This key was always an interesting key to me because it was the key that unlocked my mother's jewellery box.  I loved looking through that box as a child but we didn't get to do that very often.  I now have the jewellery box but I find the actual tag attached to the key of more interest now.  It brings up questions about whether that box always was my mother's or did it get handed down to her, or given to her as a present?  The even more interesting is that the tag attached to it says it was my father's tag to get into the races.
While I was growing up we never went to the races and my father hated having anything to do with horses or "horsey people."  The fact that this tag was for him makes me wonder what happened after 1972.  I was born in 1969, my sister in 1972, was there no longer time for mum and him to go to the races?  When he was a member did he go to the races very often?  This is a part of my parents' life that I know nothing about. It is very easy to forget that they might have lived a different kind of life before kids, but why wouldn't have they, Scott & I certainly had a different lifestyle before we had children.

Now mum has died and dad has married again, he and his wife are regular horse racing attendees.  Is my father finally able to reclaim part of a life that my sister and I inadvertantly put a stop to? 

None of this I even thought about until May 7 when I was asked to take a photo of a key.

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