Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tuesday 25 August - The Christmas Pudding

I spend my Tuesdays up at mum's house decluttering. I can't say that I have got very far, but yesterday I went into the pantry. I did manage to clear out 3 shelves of the pantry & right at the back of one of the shelves there was this find!

There is actually a story to this pudding. Mum has made the christmas pudding ever since Grandpa died. Last year she made two puddings for Christmas Day. When Christmas Day rolled around she couldn't find one of her puddings & she was quite upset about it at the time because she felt she wasn't pulling her weight in providing the pudding section of the christmas meal. She did make her pudding & in her way she "put it away in a safe place" only to find that it was such a tricky place to hide it that she couldn't find it.

Jo & I found it yesterday & as Jo & family will be in Australia for Christmas she said that I could have it. I am thinking that we will take it down to Invercargill & we can all enjoy her last gift to us on Christmas Day.

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