Sunday, August 30, 2009

Saturday 29 August - Last day of Football

It was the last game of football for the season so I decided to take my camera & watch both games. It was a lovely sunny day, warm with hardly any wind, one of those magical spring days that Christchurch can turn on. I did take photos of Brent but I really think the shot of the day is actually one of James.

This photo is one of those instances where things can be decieving. No James really wasn't ready to head the ball, no he hadn't even just done that. James spent a lot of his game running around watching the ball & even though it looks like he actually may make contact with the ball in this photo, he never did. At least he looks good while running after that ball!

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R & P Criglington said...

Well done James I heard it was your best game all year.