Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tuesday 11 August - Tuesday's at 5

Tuesday's at 5pm is a Medbury School Music Department soiree. It gives all the music pupils the chance to show to family & friends what they are learning. I suppose if Brent was learning a guitar, violin, flute, nearly any instrument except drums I would know what he is learning. We haven't invested in a drum kit for him yet because there's no point spending all that money for him to give it up at the end of the year. At the moment he loves playing the drums so maybe it is a Christmas & birthday present option.

I have a hard time trying to understand what he is doing when his practice is just tapping his drumsticks on a table & chair. My eyes were opened last night as he got the chance to show us what it sounds like behind a drum kit. He played really well.

One week ago mum died & this was the first school outing since her death & I was doing so well until the music director asked if there were any other grandparents in the audience that had missed hearing their grandson play. It is sad that mum didn't quite make it to hear Brent play on the drums but I am sure she was with him in spirit & watching down on him.


R & P Criglington said...

Well done Brent

Jenny said...

Hugs, Katrina

Irene said...

Well done on the drums Brent - I really can't imagine you playing the drums!
Katrina, I am sure your Mum was definitely there in spirit to hear Brent play the drums. Hugs