Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tuesday 18th August - Rubbish

Jo & I went up to mum's yesterday to start clearing out her house. I took up some old brown rubbish bags & a chilly bin. I thought we could start with the less personal stuff, the chest freezer. Typically mum's chest freezer was packed & we found food dated back to 2001! I remember her commenting to me how one of my great aunts kept little pottles of food in her freezer & that she would make sure she didn't do it. I'll give it to mum that the pottles weren't quite as small as my great aunt's but there were lots of small containers holding small amounts of left over food.

We have an extra wheelie bin that we pay to get emptied twice a month so I came back home with a car load of black plastic bags filled with food to throw out. I was very surprised when I tried to get them into the wheelie bin to find that the bin was totally full. It certainly weighed a lot to move to the curb. I only hope that the truck's lifting mechanism can lift it today.

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R & P Criglington said...

Firstly well done to James!
Hope the Rubbish Truck was able to lift the Wheelie Bin.