Saturday, May 09, 2009

Post Man

On Tuesday 7th April we all hit the road for the trip to Wanaka. We left home at 10am & we geocached all the way there. Consequently we didn't get into Wanaka until about 6pm. Luckily with a DVD player in the back for the boys a trip this long isn't as bad as it sounds. Just a 5 hour ride to Wanaka without the DVD player was awful but that DVD player is a little peice of sanity.

When we drive down to Wanaka we take the Inland Scenic Route (72) to Geraldine rather than going down State Highway 1. Along this route not far from the Rangitata River there has been this really neat looking post man. We usually just zoom past so imagine my excitement when we actually had to stop there for a geocache (appropriately named Post Man). It was an easy find & nice to be able to have an excuse to stop & get a close look at him rather than just driving on past. If you happen to go into gift stores in Geraldine you will see a lot of miniture ones of these so he's obviously become a bit of a local landmark.

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