Sunday, May 03, 2009

A Follow up to the $50 story

Earlier in my blog I posted about James & his $50 note that he found, handed in & got returned back to him. On April 2 there was a follow up to this story.

That lunchtime I got rung up by the woman at the school office to tell me that New World had a token of appreciation to give to James because of his honesty. I said that he had already received his money but she assured me this was something different. After school we went into the New World & saw the manger. She came back with two Westpac Junior saver packages & even more important 2 helicopter money boxes. Apparently when Westpac (which have a branch at that mall) heard of James' honesty they wanted to give him a place to keep his $50.

The boys were chuffed so then of course they wanted a display of their Westpac Rescue Helicopters & wanted me to take a photo of them. The two plastic ones are the money boxes & the fuzzy one is one of Brent's favourite bed toys.
BTW: The boys already have an ANZ account each so that's where the money went.

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