Friday, May 22, 2009

Doing .....

The Aussie Rock!
We came home again on Tuesday of course we geocached our way home. We stopped at several places but this one takes the cake! This is up beside Lake Pukaki up a shingled road - the Tekapo side of Lake Pukaki not the Mt Cook side. I kid you not there is a rock that is marked out as Aussie Rock - of course there's a geocache here, because geocachers find really interesting places to plant geocaches.
There you go I told you, it's all marked out, the sign points to it. Looks like a plain old rock to me!

Wow that really does look like Australia split in 2.
What astounds me is there is someone driving along a dusty shingly road in the middle of nowhere & they see these weird formations & say lets sign post it. How many people would drive along this road? I wouldn't think there would be many. The sealed road ended miles back & then in the middle of nowhere there's this.
As I have said before you never know what is sitting right in front of your eyes until you start geocaching!

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