Friday, May 22, 2009


We got home on Tuesday with a plan. Ever since the fire Brent has been sleeping in James' room & really neither boy slept very well. Brent's room has no electricity in it due to the fire & water running down his walls so it's just safer not to have the electricity turned on to his room. What theis meant was Brent's room although sleep inable was not really conducive to sleep.

When we got back we devised a plan, certainly not a great one saftey wise but more safe than turning the electricity on. We have run extension cords up the hallway to his room & put a multi box in it so that he can run a desk lamp & a heater. He was thrilled to get back into his room & I think James was really pleased to get his room back to himself. I'm pleased because both boys finally get some decent sleep which is important because James' work & behaviour at school this term has been back on track. Sleep deprivation is a nasty thing & really just a few minutes at the end of each day for about 9 weeks really does add up & makes for some bad behaviour.

Now we all just have to watch out for extension cords up the hallway. I so cannot wait for my house to be fixed & back to normal.

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Irene said...

Hope your plan is working in this cold weather. It is important for the boys to get quality sleep.
Sounds like you all had a great break at Wanaka and lots of things to do.