Saturday, October 07, 2006

This week

What have we done this week? That's a good question. We have filled up the days but luckily most of it has been with cheap entertainment.

We start off each morning by taking dad to work. We have had the bikes in the back & we would stop off at Hagley park on the way home & ride (I walk)around the north Hagley Park. This has been a wonderful way to burn off that excess energy that the boys just seem to have in abundance. We had to give a couple of days a miss due to the weather but Thursday brought a smile to my face. It had been pouring with rain on Tuesday & Wednesday but Thursday dawned clear but with a cold wind blowing. We went around the park & the boys had a ton of fun biking through the puddles. They were laughing & so excited to find puddles to go biking through. I had older people just walk past me with smiles on their faces & say how great it is that I'm letting the boys do what boys do "get dirty!" The clothes when they finished had mud splattered up them & they were wet but they had had fun, so much fun that it exhausted James & at 11am he was having a nap in his bed.

Tuesday we went into town to get the last bits of everyone's uniforms from Ballantynes & to have lunch from Scott. It was actually a quick trip that cost us nothing in car parking fees, much to my surprise.

Wednesday James went to the doctor to have his 5 year old well child check & to have his immunisations. For those who want to know, James is now 18kg & 108cm which is average (not a surprise). He was really good for both immunisations & didn't cry or flinch for either of them. He had a huge lump come up on his arm on Thursday & Friday from them but today that has subsided & he's back to his cheerful self.

Thursday's excitement was going biking through the mud puddles & watching a family of duckings come so close to us that we could have reached out & stroked them.

Friday neither boy wanted to go biking so I did housework & gardening & then in the afternoon the boys had a picnic lunch. After lunch we got our cameras & headed back to Hagley Park, this time to the Botanic Gardens. Unfortunately we were too late to get any photos of the daffodils but we saw some very strange sculptures using rubbish. I have to say they didn't do much for me but I think the boys were fascinated that I called it art. We were there for an hour & a half waiting for Scott to finish work. We picked him up & then went up to mum's for dinner. The boys stayed with her overnight so this morning Scott & I got a sleep in.

I had a crop today & completed a layout

Tomorrow I'm not sure what we will do but I would like to try some more caching. Might just have to wait & see how receptive the boys are to that idea.

Next week the term starts. What a week it's going to be. James received a letter today from his teacher so he's all excited about finding his favourite book & a toy beginning with J to take to school on Tuesday (they start back on Tuesday). On Monday Brent has his first swimming lesson in the big pool which he's not so happy about, hopefully when he gets in he'll realise it's not so scary as he thinks it is. I'm going to start hitting the gym routine to work away the tears that seem to fill my eyes at the thought of my baby going to school. I'm going to miss having him around. He's a little character, full of joy, mischief & ingenuity. School is the best place for him & I think he'll thrive there but a part of me is very sad that his little being won't be around as much.

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