Sunday, October 15, 2006

Saturday 14 October - Picnic at Orton Bradley Estate

Dad rang through the week wondering if Scott & I wanted to do anything this weekend for our birthdays. We decided that a picnic at Orton Bradley would probably be nice. Dad brought his little BBQ & some sausages & chicken. Jo & I brought some of the non meat picnicy things.

It started off being a lovely warm day. We had lunch & then the children went off to play on the flying fox. Scott got involved & played on it too.

Unfortunately the clouds came over & the wind became quite cool but it was a wonderful day out & the boys fell asleep on the short ride home. We found out that it was 10 minutes faster to go via Gebbies Pass rather than via the Sign of the Kiwi. We have since found out that there are some geocaches over there so we might just have to go back again another time with the co-ordinates on hand.

PS: For those people who want just the photos of Brent & James on the flying fox try this website

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