Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Quiet Week

Well really the week has been quiet. The weather had been nice & the sun shone on Thursday, so much so that the boys had fun running under the sprinkler.

Scott & I went to Rotherams for dinner on Friday night. The taxi rides both ways were not fantastic. The first taxi was an very old car that rattled along & then the driver seemed to take some chances at the intersections. The taxi ride home was with someone who didn't know the streets of Christchurch very well so we had to give him directions all the way back home. This is from Blue Star taxis one of the more reputable taxi companys in Christchurch. I have to wonder where they find these people from. I suupose it is coming up to party season so everyone is flocking to be a taxi driver to get some extra money for christmas.

The meal at Rotherams was beautiful. It's a sumptuously decorated place with soft lighting & very helpful staff. We both started off having a seafood selection. It came on a large square plate with a round of salmon on bruschetta at the front. To the left there was a tiger prawn sitting on guacamole. Next to that was a basket with clam & mussels in it. Next to that was a seared scallop sitting on a ginger & pineapple coulis. At the top of the plate was a spoon with an oyster on it. We could choose how we wanted our oyster so we both chose to have it raw with a lime & wasabi sauce over it with a little dot of caviar.
For mains I had a beef fillet wrapped in bacon on top of a marrowbone stuffed with couscous. Scott had the lamb duo which is a lamb rack(just 2 chops) & a lamb shank.
Dessert was interesting. I decided to give pineapple infused with red wine & green pepper a try. The pineapple turned red & some of the cloying sweetness of the pineapple was cut by that infusion. It was served with a citrus parfait. Scott had the passionfruit cheesecake. The peice de resistance was the sugarwork that accompanied both desserts. I left mine intact but Scott ate all his. As we were leaving we were presented with a plate that had 2 marshmellows with a candle in each marshmellow. Around the edge of the plate in chocolate was written Happy Birthday Katrina & Scott. There was also biscotti in the middle of the plate sitting on some raspberry couli. What a lovely way to end the dining experience. It was pricy but such a lovely treat & we will be going back again. It is actually our second time going there & yet again it was fantastic so I think we have worked out where our birthday meal is going to be next year.

Mum kept the boys overnight on Friday & then came with them for breakfast at Drexels on Saturday. She asked if she could look after them on Saturday night as well so we immediately said yes.

We have tidied away all the wallpaper stripping gear in preparation for Robin & Phyllis' visit. They will be coming to grandparents day at Medbury on Friday so both boys are highly excited about that.

Hopefully it'll be another quietish week this week. I have to make a birthday card for Danja & I want to keep cracking on at making christmas presents. Luckily some of them involve scrapbooking so I get to do that to make the presents.

Have a wonderful week everyone.

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Jenny said...

Oooh yum, Katrina! The seafood sounds totally delish!