Sunday, October 15, 2006

School Started Tuesday 10 October

James started school this week. I took some photos of him in his uniform on Monday evening so that we wouldn't be too rushed on Tuesday morning.

On Tuesday morning in the car James was saying I'll walk myself in mum. I said no I'll go in today & we'll sort out your locker & get everything to your classroom. His gungho attitude left when we got to the locker room. He stood by his locker & said what do we do now? So we unpacked his bag & he still stayed near me. We dropped Brent off in his classroom & I said to James you show me your room. He stayed right beside me. We got to his classroom & I asked him where his desk was & he still stayed beside me. We said hello to his teacher & he still stayed right beside me. A boy asked him to play with the Lego so he siddled slowly away & kept looking at me. In the end I went over, gave him a kiss & said see you this afternoon & left.

After that I went for a long walk in Hagley Park hardly believing that James was at school & not kindy. 11:30 rolled around & I looked at the clock & thought "no I don't have to pick up James, I can sit in the sun for a bit."

The best part of the day was going to pick him up. He has seen Brent running to me after school & that is what he did, he ran into my arms with a huge smile on his face. He had had a wonderful day at school & even shared some of the same classes as Brent.

He is in the same class as Brent for ICT, music & topic, which at the moment is on dinosaurs.

On Friday James came home with a merit award & a little award for being a busy bee & getting on with his work when asked. I could hardly believe that seen as I have to tell him things at least 3 times to get them done.

Both boys have had a wonderful week at school & I have had a lovely time just pottering around tidying my house.

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