Thursday, March 09, 2006

Swimming Sports 3 March

Friday 3 March was Brent's swimming sports. We had Robin & Phyllis come up & stay with us so they could go to his sports & then we had Jill, James & Richard as well as Scott & me there. It was quite a turn out to cheer Brent on. He was only in two races. His first race was a length of freestyle. He came third in a heat of 6. His other race was just him & another boy in the length of backstroke. This is the photo of the finish. I can tell you that if the prize went to the boy with the most vocal supporters Brent would have won outright. We never really found out if he came first or second but it was very close. I think Brent was really happy because he had told me after the prelims that the other boy would win becuase he was faster. I had explained to Brent that things can change on the day & I think he was really pleased with the close result. Posted by Picasa

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