Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A Scrapbook Page

What a surprise, I have finally been doing some scrapping. Now all I have to do is scan all the layouts into the computer, stitch them together & post them here on the blog. I think that it may be quite some time before you see all the layouts I completed over the weekend.

A lot of these layouts have been sitting around half completed since last year so it was wonderful to get the opportunity to just pull them out & finish them off. Unfortunately some of the photos are so old I can't even remember what year they were taken.
This layout falls into that category. I do know it was when we lived in Wellington before children. Scott told me last night that I had a new camera that I was playing with. I'm not sure which one it would even be but I do know it's not my current one.

These are the parliament buildings in Wellington.

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Jenny said...

Cool l/o Katrina! Well done getting lots of UFOs done