Wednesday, June 03, 2009

June 3

After another frosty start it turned out sunny & mild. I managed to get a swim in today, the first swim in a very long time. I swam 1km in 30 minutes, 750m of it in freestyle. Then I stopped off at the Avon lady & picked up my order, I did a small detour on the way home to go to school. It suddenly occurred to me that James wouldn't have a utensil to eat his noodles with so I did the good mother deed of the day & dropped off a spoon for him. Then it was back home to do the housework. The afternoon was really when my taxi service kicked into gear. 3:30 picked up Brent & took him home, 4:30 picked up James from football practice & then drove into town to pick up Scott & then we all went to the swimming pool for the 5:30 swimming lesson. James swam very well, when he knew he was being watched by the instructor. Brent was getting taught how to do tumble turns. Then at 6:15 we were on the way back home for a dinner out of the crockpot, I just love it for nights like this when we are on the go from 3:30.

Wednesday evening is always hectic so I have only just remembered to take today's photo & that is of the nearly ready to wash, dishwasher, just need to put the crock pot in the back.

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