Monday, June 08, 2009

June 7 - When it all goes wrong

Sometimes nothing really goes to plan. I was hoping to send out my Stampin' Up! monthly newsletter yesterday but that never happened because all the men in the house were complaining about the lack of housekeeping. What annoys me even more is that they do much to help the situation.

Last night's dinner just didn't happen. I put the kumara chips on at 5:15 put the fish on to cook in tinfoil at 5:45 thinking it would be cooked by 6pm. Well 6:45 rolls around & the meal still wasn't cooked. It's just as well there is a fish & chippie round the corner from us because it ended up being fish & chips (bought not homemade) for dinner.

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Irene said...

just as well the men that live in your house don't live in my house cos they would be given a duster and polish and the vacuum cleaner and then I would go out and leave them all to it!LOL