Monday, July 21, 2008

The View

I have finished another layout this afternoon. This one uses some old photos from when we lived in Newlands, Wellington. I loved having a view but in Wellington being on a hill exposes you to wind. If it was northerly the wind blew against our bedroom wall, keeping me awake, if it was southerly it was coming up at the living room windows, from where I took the photos. It was never very warm & I have decided that it is warmer than Christchurch in winter but it is warmer in summer here in Christchurch. Journalling:

Being on a hill in Wellington meant it was nearly always windy. The best thing about it though was the view! We had a view over Newlands that was constantly changing. We could see the fire station which was always exciting when the fire alarm went off. There were always cars going along Newlands Road that we could watch. The best sights though were always courtesy of Mother Nature. The sun rising over the hills, rainbows & even sun shining through low fog. I miss the view but I don't miss the wind!

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Jenny said...

That's beautiful. Katrina