Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Blog prompt: May 5 is Cinco de Mayo. How would you celebrate Independence Day if it was today?

Haha! New Zealand doesn't have Independence Day but why I am laughing is that today is the first day that the boys are back at school after a 3 week school holiday.

How am I going to celebrate my independence from the boys for the day?
Firstly I went for a jog. I really didn't do well & found out that I am so unfit that I couldn't even run for 10minutes non stop. Never mind I walked for at least 30minutes & that has to count as exercise.

Next I am going to enjoy the silence of my house. No, I am not going to turn on my music up loud & dance to it, because really I just love the silence at the moment. No moaing, no whining, no "when is it (insert correct food time) time?" questions & no fighting. Have to love that silence!

After this post I am off to enjoy a hot shower with NO interruptions or children talking through the door at me.

I will do minimal housework today, Scott was warned of this fact last night, & instead do some scrapping or sitting in the sun & reading a book.

That is how I am going to celebrate this day, my first day with the boys back at school. My first day of independence.


loonyhiker said...

Sounds like a wonderful day of Independence. I hope you enjoyed it!

Jenny said...

Well, I just want to say how very jealous I am of you! I hope evry moment of your day was wonderful

bahama97 said...

I am one that loves the silence also. I hope you have a very enjoyable day!