Sunday, May 04, 2008

Back again

Wow I haven't blogged for a whole month! April seemed to rush past in a blink of an eye.

Here's a quick update about what happened in April.

April 1-11 the boys were at school. They are still on holiday as I type this & I am really looking forward to them going back to school on Tuesday. I managed to catch a UTI which quickly moved into my kidneys to become a kidney infection. I had to spend an afternoon at the hospital getting iv'd antibiotics & saline into me. I think it was a bit of a shock to all 3 of the males in my house!

April 10 mum started chemo.

April 12 -19 we were on the Gold Coast staying with Dad & Janet. We got a ride on the boat & went to Dreamworld for a day. The boys did some fishing off the jetty but only Scott caught a fish which we threw back. James did get something on his line though, but we don't know what because he didn't wind his line in.

April 24 -27 I was at for my yearly scrap camp. I loved every moment of it & it is the one scrapbooking event that I look forward to each year & try to give Scott as much notice of it as possible so he can take a day off work. I completed a few layouts (I've scanned a couple so I will put them in another post) & also a birthday calendar book.

On the Monday mum took the boys & had them for Monday through to Wednesday, which was nice as it gave me a chance to really recover from all the triping about on top of the infection that I had.

Thursday mum had iv chemo again & this time she had a bit more of a reaction. She suddenly felt dizzy & was really feeling the cold so after we picked her up we stayed with her until her sister arrived. We went up again on Friday with a crockpot full of chicken to have dinner with her. I think the episode rather scared her so I really hope that she is starting to feel better today.

Soccer (sorry football for those in any country other than the USA) was cancelled on Saturday. We were very thankful because it was bitterly cold & there was snow on the Cashmere hills. Luckily there was none at our place.

Well I think that catches everyone up on what we did in April. Hopefully I'll become a more regular blogger again once the boys get back to school.

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Jenny said...

Thanks Katrina for coming to scrapcamp and I know I said never again, but I need my scrapping weekend too!

Sorry to hear that your mum wasn't too good after this round of chemo - hugs to you and your family