Thursday, June 29, 2006


I have been having some fun creating some layouts recently. Somehow I find it easier to sit down & listen to Dr Phil & scrap rather than saying I'll scrap tonight. The pressure must come off me & I just sit & putter around with the layouts while watching Dr Phil. Of course Dr Phil is usually not on or is a repeat through the school holidays so this habit may not last for long.

Determination is actually one that I completed at ScrapCamp. I have been looking at it wondering if I should add something but have decided to let well enough alone & leave it as is. This is the journalling.

You got that bike for your 4th birthday & you had great fun riding it around the block with its training wheels on. You got to a stage when even though there was training wheels on, you didn’t really use them.
Dad & I decided on April 8 2005 that the time had come to take those training wheels off. When you saw what had been done to your bike you threw it on the ground & burst into tears & said that it can’t be ridden, that we had broken it. You were very angry with us even though we had said we were taking those wheels off before we did it. We let you be & waited for Saturday to roll around.
On Saturday dad took you for some practice rides down the driveway & to your great surprise you could ride your bike. It only took a week of practicing & then you were away, nothing could stop you!
I took you to a BMX track on 29 May 2005 to let you see what you really could do on your bike. You loved it & came back home & told James that he won’t be able to go to the BMX track until he could ride a bike with only 2 wheels.
With a little determination Brent, you can do anything, including riding a bike on only two wheels.

I am also dabbling in digital layouts using my PSE4. I'm really thrilled with this layout. It's the first digital layout I have completed without having any directions on how to do it.

Then there is the calendar page for February that I completed a couple of nights ago. It's simple but to the point. Hopefully if I keep the other calendar pages like this I'll be able to catch up & maybe even go back & do last year's ones.

I have also finished another one today but I haven't scanned it in yet so that'll have to be yet another blog entry on another day.

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