Friday, February 10, 2006

Woops Johnny!

After dinner Granddad Rae took some time to meet & talk to the boys. Unfortunately both of them were shy but he soon got them excited when he showed them how to do Whoops Johnny. James got the hang of that one faster than Brent. Then Grandaddad Rae did the "11 was a race horse" rhyme. Much to his surprise Brent could rattle it back to him with no mistakes, we had been saying it to him earlier in the year. Granddad Rae then told the boys all his names "Alan, Donald ..... " only those first two are his names the rest are just made up names but the boys enjoyed it & thought it interesting that he had so many names.

I think the boys enjoyed meeting their great grandfather & I am pretty sure he enjoyed meeting them. Posted by Picasa

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