Friday, February 10, 2006

Rae family Dinner 14 January 2006

I know this is out of whack but hopefully I can move things around a bit later.

Let's go back to the Auckland trip & our first day in Auckland. To recap we arrived on the 14th, went to the motel & then went out to Bruce's place. After having a drink & play at bruce's place & on the diggers we went to the boys' Great Granddad Rae's retirement complex to have a family dinner with him. This is a group photo of nearly the whole of the rae clan that lives in Auckland plus those stray ones that live in Invercargill & Christchurch. I think Granddad Rae was quite overwhelmed by how many of his family turnede up en masse. It sounds like the family doesn't get together very often.

The dinner was in the dining room of the complex & was very reminiscent of standing at line in the Halls of residence for dinner. The only difference was that Scott wasn't at the front of the line & he didn't go back for 2nds. Brent & James were really well behaved despite their long day. It was quite an effort to get this photo taken, the young people (as in young & unattached) didn't really want a photo taken at all. Posted by Picasa

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