Thursday, February 09, 2006

Our pets

Surprisingly enough one of the two swan plants that we planted at the beginning of last year has lasted despite the renovations & now James has some pets outside his window. The boys & I have watched these caterpillars hatch from eggs & now they are in chrysalises. The poor plant is chewed beyond recognition because at one stage we counted 12 caterpillars on the bush. Accomadation & food is at a premium at the moment so it is quite common to see two caterpillars tring to eat the same leaf.

Interestingly though they don't seem to eat the leaf if there is already a chrysalis hanging from it. I was a bit worried about that so the very first chrysalis we got I brought inside. At the moment we have 2 chrysalis on a nearby rose bush, one on James' bedroom window, one inside & about 5 on the plant. I can't wait to see the butterflies emerge. Posted by Picasa

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