Monday, January 09, 2006

Back again, kind of

Oh dear, you might be wondering what happened to my blogging.

I really got bogged down in the middle of December. I find December such a hard month at the best of times. I have 3 birthdays & then Christmas in December. Add Scott going to Melbourne for a week, the builders here for the whole time until Christmas & things just got a bit much.

I also had a bit of a computer problem as well. If it was any other month I probably would have acted more quickly, but i had too much to do & too little time to do it so the computer slowing down to snails pace was hardly an issue. Unfortunately when I tried to turn it on again on Boxing Day it became a major issue. The poor thing wouldn't start & I was beside myself. I want to firsly give myself a pat on the back for having backed up all photos that were on my hard drive until the middle of November. Unfortunately I was so busy I missed doing the December back up so all photos between middle of November & 24th December have been lost for the mean time. We might be able to recover these if the Dell man can get my hard drive up & working. This is a timely reminder to all of you to please remember to back up your files regularly. What is the point of a digital camera if you don't back up all your photos. At least a film camera you have negatives to go back to.

Unfortunately I haven't many photos to post of the renovations but they are basically complete. The only things not complete are the wardrobe organisers in both Brent's & our room & the glass that goes over the top of the patio.

The builders left on the 22nd December giving me a day to try & clean up everything before Robin & Phyllis arrived. It was hard work because that building dust went into every room, even the furthest away rooms.

Brent loves his new room with the colour he chose (Kelly Green) to match his curtains. Phyllis told me that Scott used to have a room the same colour when he was a boy. It goes without saying that I love my bedroom, but most of all I love my own "No boys allowed" bathroom. It is just bliss to have a locking door & not have to worry about standing in pee on the floor. Yes my boys still miss, when will they ever aim straight? They won't be good marksmen in the future.

I will try to get back in the habit of at least a weekly update from now on.

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