Friday, November 13, 2009

Wenesday 11 November - Front garden

It's been a while since I took a photo of the view from my front door but with spring coming to a close it's probably a good time to take one.  As you can see the wisteria is still in flower & now my iceburg roses have started to flower as well.  Thankfully it rained because really the garden is quite dry & it must be almost time for me to turn on the automatic sprinkler.  Behind that table is a lemon tree & it is just laden with fruit at the moment. The lawn needs to be mowed weekly now because the daisies in it are attracting the bees & James just loves to run around in bare feet.  I think we had a milder winter than we have been having recently & nothing has really been killed off & everything is just bursting into new growth.  Next year I will have to seriously consider getting a lot of the trees pruned right back because the heights they will be at will be starting to block of some of the sun coming inot our rooms.

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bahama97 said...

Your front area is so lovely! I love the wisteria. I would love to do that around our pool area.