Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday 16 November - Sick Child

James woke up at 2am to tell us that he wasn't feeling very well.  We sent him to the toilet while Scott got out the ice cream container for beside his bed.  Poor boy wasn't very well at all yesterday & after last week's episode with Brent I decided not to risk sending him to school.  He spent all day in bed, either sleeping or just reading or sucking his thumb & quietly talking to Pooh & Bridget.  He didn't keep anything down, water or food, until we gave him a couple of pieces of toast at dinner time.  Luckily he kept them down & I gave him Pamol later when I went to bed & that stayed down too.

I've kept him at home today but I have to say he's very perky & is eating & keeping everything down.  I just love 24 hour sickness things like this, at least it is over quickly.  There is a huge change in how James handled being sick this time, he's matured.  There's no more throwing up everywhere, crying & sitting in the mess.  Now he just matter of factly throws up, cleans himself up & gets back into bed.  It is incredibly helpful to me as I no longer have to go through that horrible feeling of wanting to be sick at the same time.

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