Sunday, October 18, 2009

Saturday 17 October

We are still moving stuff.  The reason it is taking so long is that we are doing a weed out of all the stuff that we no longer want or need & hopefully we'll be able to sell some of it for a dollar or two on Trade Me.  At the moment I am selling some of my retired Stampin' Up! stamps on there & shortly I'll be adding books & cds.  I am thinking that a great big purge of my craft room is in order too so maybe some of my scrapping papers & cardstock will end up on there too. 

Another room that needs a good purge is the boys' play room.  See that big white container it is full of lego & then there is another the same size also full of lego.  I am getting to a stage where I really hate lego, I hate finding it all over the house, I hate standing on it, I hate it getting sucked up the vaccuum.  However it is one toy that gives James so much fun.  James is a different child to Brent.  Brent will happily watch tv or play on the computer, but not James really.  Give him some lego & he can be amused for hours.  I realise it is good for him but there is only so much lego a mother can take strewn through out the house.

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