Sunday, October 11, 2009

Friday 9th October - Rearranging Furniture

The good thing about having the carpet done is that really big peices of furniture have to be emptied out so that they can get moved out of the room to be carpeted.  What this means is that when we finally got to put things back in the various rooms it wasn't such an effort to try to rearrange rooms differently.  The "blue room" is a good example of this.  We used to have the entertainment unit sitting against the wall opposite the large window, with the 3 seater couch underneath that window, a 2 seater couch where the entertainment unit is now & a chair against the doors that open out to the patio.

We've decided to change that around so that we can fit a desk from mum's in the same room & we will be able to put a laptop on it.  The boys now have homework that includes internet use so it is best if they have their own computer that is linked to the computer but right beside Scott's computer so we can monitor what the boys are doing on the internet.

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Jenny said...

Always a good idea have the kids computer(s) in the living area o f the house