Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Tuesday 30 June

James loves to come home from school & check out what's been happening around the house. At the moment we have these colourful tarps over part of the roof. I presume it's to keep any rain off any possible leaks that may be in the roofing iron. The roofing iron is still on but all the ceiling from the master bedroom, ensuite, Brent's room & the toy room is gone so you can now look straight up to see the burnt out joists.

I am writing this at 10am Wednesday morning & a truck load of framing timber has arrived but I don't think they are the joists, they just don't look thick enough to be them. Originally we were supposed to get the joists today but Fred told me last night (Tuesday night) that they are delayed but they should be here on Thursday. At the moment the roofing iron seems to be getting taken down so we really are hoping for fine weather on Thursday & Friday. Any dances to the weather gods or praying for fine weather in my neck of the woods would be appreciated.

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Jenny said...

I hope that the weather is fine and that everything arrives for you