Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Monday 13 July - Skiing

One of the wonderful things about having a holiday home in Wanaka is that it is great no matter what season of the year it is (maybe except around the equinox when it is windy). In winter there are 2 really close skifields - Treble Cone for the more advanced skier, & Cardrona for the beginner/intermediate skier. The boys have only just started to learn to ski so Cardrona is our skifield of choice at the moment.

Monday was a perfect day for skiing, not a cloud in the sky & the snow was lovely winter powder. We arrived up the mountain at 9:40 but we weren't early enough to get into the top carpark. We had to catch a ride in a shuttle, which happens to be a trailer pulled behind a ute, up to the ticket office. We decided to put the boys into Kids Club for the day. At Kids Club the boys get 2 2 hour ski lessons plus lunch & are generally looked after from the time they arrive until the time they are picked up from their ski instructor.
Scott took off & went skiing by himself leaving me to sit in the cafeteria & think about the possibility of getting my knee looked at seriously so I can ski with the boys.

The boys both started off on the beginners slope but Brent quickly moved up to the pomma slope. By lunchtime both boys were on the pomma slope & by the end of the day both boys had down a run using the chairlifts. The boys both know how to stop & turn doing snowplow.

This photo is on their very last run of the day.

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