Monday, October 20, 2008


Blog Prompt: The musical "Hair" premiered on Broadway on October 17, 1967. What was your favorite hair do as a teenager?

I have always had short hair, I tried to grow it long at one stage through my twenties & it just annoyed me so it got cut back to short. I have had a few colours in my hair, when I was a teenager I liked to have blonde streaks put through it, especially in the summer. Sometime in my twenties I found that I really liked having a copper, red colour in my hair & I have stuck with that ever since. I think the reason I stuck with that particular colouring is that I am a fiery person, I'm emotional, so the red hair kind of suits my personality.

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loonyhiker said...

I love red hair and always wished I could have it. When I lost all my hair years ago, I prayed it would grow back red and curly but it didn't.