Thursday, October 16, 2008

Blog Prompt

I thought I would try getting back into writing a blog post on one of my blogs more often than I have been. So today I thought I would get back to doing the blog prompts at

Now I wonder if today was a good day to be doing that as the blog prompt looks a bit too difficult to answer.

Here it is....Blog prompt: Today is Love Your Body Day. What do you like about your body?

Well I find that very difficult to answer I have always had a love/hate relationship with my body. It truely depends on the day as to what I love about my body.

Right now I am fresh off the treadmill & I feel great, the endorphins are pumping through me still. I love that today I was able to complete the whole of my interval training & my knee didn't give me any gyp. Of course I might hate that tonight because I am bound to have a sore knee.

I love that my body could conceive & carry & give birth to 2 most beautiful & special boys in the world. I loved that I was able to push James out & he was the same size as Brent so that when I was labelled "failure to progress" with Brent it was just Brent being stubborn & nothing to do with being a failure.

I used to love my breasts & thought they were one of my best physical assets however that same giving birth, breastfeeding thing has left them & me feeling rather down.

I love that I am healthy & really other than my knee I don't have any other ailments. I love that I am still able to walk in this world, & that counts for a lot.


loonyhiker said...

I'm so glad you did this prompt after all. First of all, you write so beautiful and I like reading your blog. As for liking my body, I think a lot depends on what mood I'm in on any particular day. Sometimes I feel slender and my hair looks great. Other times I feel frumpy and fat. Thanks for sharing your thoughts

Jenny said...

I think that we all should love our bodies - loke the Dove ad says "beautiful like a rainbow"