Saturday, June 28, 2008

Yet more layouts

These layouts were completed yesterday.

Toasty pies is a digital layout about what they are & why they are special to me.

Journalling: Mince & cheese toasty pies have a special place in my heart. I had never heard of toasty pies before meeting Scott. We always called them toasted sandwiches at home,so when Scott first asked me if I wanted a toasty pie I said yes, but did not really know what I was getting. I was quite surprised to find out it was a toasted sandwich. When Scott & I were flatting in Dunedin one of the lunches Scott would make me was the mince & cheese toasty pie. He would fry of the mince until it was crispy but not burnt. The bread would be put in the toasty pie maker, a good dollop of mince & then a couple of slices of cheese on top. Put the top peice of bread on & then it would be left to cook. Oozing with cheese it really is my favourite lunch but only when it is made by Scott.

Blossom buddies was created using a Scrapbook Outlet kit. That lovely yellow paper just called for a photo of cherry blossom & luckily I have some of those photos. This photo is from spring last year.

Journalling: 18 September 2007. We went to Hagley Park & the Botannic Gardens to see the daffs & also the cherry blossom. Both boys enjoyed taking photos & were willing to have a few photos taken of them.

Flying fun is a double paged digital layout using a plopper by Club Scrap. This is about our flight to Tahiti.

Journalling: October 10 2007 we started our trip for Tahiti. First we had to take a Qantas flight to Auckland airport. When we got there we had to use steps to get down from the plane as all the airbridges were full. We then walked across to the International Terminal to catch our Air Tahiti Nui flight to Papeete. The plane was done up in fresh, tropical green & blues & we were given a frangipani flower before the flight took off. It was a wonderful 5 hour flight & we arrived in Papeete at around midnight on the 9th October.

Bye Selwyn House is a paper layout of my last day at Selwyn House. The paper is from Club Scrap.

Journalling: The last day of primary school was in December 1982. I won the Character Shield at prizegiving. My name was gilded on the shield & I got a small cup to keep. I still have that cup today. I remember feeling very excited at the prospect of my new challenge of secondary school. I was ready to leave.


Jenny said...

Fantastic l/os Katrins - you have been on a roll

so A"MUSE"D said...

Wow you really crank out those layouts... and they are all so fab! Can't wait for new ones!

Lara said...

cool layouts Katrina. Love toasty pies :-)