Thursday, June 12, 2008

Goings on

I think the most excitement we have had recently was the snowfall on Saturday. The day had started out really warm, nor west wind & very balmy. Near the end of Brent's football game the wind changed to a southerly & was very cold. We then had to go to James' game at midday & it was pouring down with rain & the wind was biting through the layers of clothing we had on. We came home & had a shower to warm up & then around 3 o'clock the first snow flurries started. It was still snowing at 5:30pm when I took this photo of James.

The snow stopped falling at about 7pm but it was still lying on the ground on Sunday.

Other than the snow things have been relatively quiet & unexcting. The boys have started house singing pratice in earnest & have to be at school at 8am on Mondays, Tuesdays & Fridays.

Brent is still doing his tennis coaching on Monday mornings so that really is a very early start but he seems to really be enjoying it. Scott has put a peice of plywood on the garage door so that Brent can practise on it. I had a sneaky go while the boys were at school yesterday & had a lot of fun. It made me feel quite young again to be able to just go outside & hit a ball against the garage door. I think it was the whole thought that I was being sneaky because really I should have been doing the responsible adult thing of housework!

I have just come home from picking mum up from her hospital appointment. She has only really felt good for 2 days in this 3 week rotation so she feels like quitting on the chemo. However her oncologist has decided to give her this week off & she will go back in next Thursday & start the next round of chemo. The good news is that the cancer has slowed its advance, so the chemo is working for the meantime.

Next Thursday is really shaping up to be a busy afternoon. Brent & Scott have football practice after school & then at 6pm James & I will be off folk dancing. Somewhere in that I will have to pick mum up from her chemo appointment.

Well I think that wraps up what we have been doing. Next time there might be a folk dance photo or two. have a wonderful week everyone.


Jenny said...

Fantastic that you had snow! I'm glad that your mum has not deteriorated

Wendy said...

((HUGS)) to your mom. It's so hard for me to imagine snow in June!

Angela said...

Hey, Katrina, I've just been to tree people, and funny, your tree popped up, and....... I saw the birdy in your tree, congrats!!

so A"MUSE"D said...

Beautiful snow pictures! Love that you are having the complete opposite weather as us!