Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Grateful for - Friends

What friends are you thankful for and why?

My life is filled with a lot of what I would call "transient friends." They were friends at different times of my life but now we have gone our separate ways & have lost contact. Despite them being transient they were all important to me at that particular time in my life, so I am very thankful for them.

I won't name them all but there are some from school days, that helped me through maths with calculus & feeling outside of the cliques at the school.

There are friends from university days when I had to transform myself from a shy introverted soul to a less shy person. They helped fix up any home sickness, helped with relationship problems & were there when I needed help on any of my subjects I was studying.

Then there was my time at Wellington Newspapers (my first job) where I made a lot of friends. Those were the party days, single but with a partner, with money to burn. They were friends to hang out & have fun with.

Then there are those new breed of friends the "online friends." These are those wonderful women in America, New Zealand, Canada & England who I converse with everyday but not in person or by phone. These women are incredible & supportive & although I have met a few of them face to face there are even more that I have yet to meet. I can't wait to meet them all at some stage in my life. They are wonderful friends who just happen to reside somewhere on the other side of my computer screen (or that's how it seems to me). It's amazing that in my short life we can even have friends that are only a few keystrokes away but that we have never met.

Through most of that there has been one friend who stood out above all the rest. He is my best friend & I love him dearly. I met him at university & we have been together since our first year at university in 1988. He knows me very well & loves me despite my failings. He has been there through the tough times & the happy times, he knows my dreams, he knows my anger, he knows how to push my buttons & when to back off. He is my husband! He's my best friend & after all these years I don't think he's a transient one either.

Credits: Envelope - Melany Violette Designer and owner of simplycleandigiscraps.com

Red paper & playing card - Royal Hearts Created by Lauren Bavin

Fonts: ALS Script, Croobie & Frutiger


loonyhiker said...

I love how you put this. And I think it is great that your husband is your best friend because mine is my best friend too.

bahama97 said...

So well said! Love the layout!

Sharon said...

If you aren't married to your best friend, you married the wrong person - cool post. Will I see you in a few days???? :)