Monday, April 20, 2015

A Day in my Life - 19 April 2015

The process of printing out my old blog entries has helped me realise the importance (in case of natural disaster) and the interest of how my life changes as the boys grow up.  My life changes around them, what I did in 2009 I don't always do now.  The sights I saw in 2009 have changed and some of them don't even exist anymore.  On reflection it was a good idea to have tried to take a photo a day, I never managed a full year but some of those mundane photos show a change between then & now that would otherwise have gone unnoticed.  I am no good at keeping a diary but I was pretty good at keeping up my blogs, so maybe it is time to take more everyday snapshots & see what has changed since 2009.  I hope to take a photo a day, but that may not always happen, this time I won't beat myself up about it because it doesn't matter because if I only have a few photos each month I am still documenting me & my family's life.

A good way to start I think is to take a snapshot of my daily life on the 19th of each month.  Why the 19th? Well it's as good a date as any other date and it will be interesting to see how I spend my birthday year. (Ha ha that's supposing that this venture lasts longer than a year!)

So 19 April 2015 was a Sunday and also school holidays.  While other schools start back on April 20 I am still looking at another week of school holidays.

I woke up at 6:20 & read my latest ebook that I have out from the library. (That's definitely something that has changed since 2009)
 Important part of my day is the weather.
 Scott brought me breakfast in bed.  A coffee & croissants with smoked salmon and cream cheese.
Checked out my newest app, that I absolutely love!
Changed the sheets on the bed.  This is one of the pillowcases I got from mum.  We cleaned out her wardrobe (once she had died) & there in a box still all wrapped up from her wedding day, unused, were these beautifully embroided pillowcases.  It made me think that there is no "best" time to use things. Yes I have "best" stuff to be used when guests are around but what is the point if you die and they never see the light of day? So I gladly use these pillowcases after all that is what they were for, to be used.
Sunday is always the day when I update my calendar on my phone, my paper diary and this magnetic calendar with what is happening this week.  The magnetic calendar I update with part of the next month so I have 4 weeks worth of events in front of me.

Of course there is always laundry to do.  Yesterday was a good drying day so I washed the sheets that had come off the beds.
Time to do a bit of quick ingressing for the day as well as a quick check on that weather.

The My Food Bag delivery arrived so that was unpacked & put away.

At about 5 o'clock I go and check what the recipe is that I am making for dinner & start the prep and get everything laid out ready to cook.
Tonight's dinner, what it is supposed to look like & how mine did.  We had no coriander so went without.
After dinner, I sat down & created the layout of Highlands & then worked out what year to tackle next.  I'm thinking I might do 2012 next, so I started researching what information I had for the week 15-21 April 2012.

All day everyday I wear a Polar Loop that registers how many hours I sleep, how many steps I do.  This was the activity for the day.

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