Saturday, January 16, 2010

Week 1 2010 recap

Week 1 was a back to the grindstone week.  Scott started back at work & I had to catch up on all the laundry from both the holidays & the week before Christmas when I was spending more time at mum's house than at my own.

On Monday I had a Stampin' Up! meeting with my upline where we made a really neat treat card.  I must take a photo of it & put it up on my SU blog. 

On Tuesday I decided to write down some personal fitness goals for the year.
1. To compete in the Sovreign Ocean Swim at Corsair Bay on February 27.  I'll be swimming in the 750m race.
2. To carry on training in both swimming & running to keep my level of fitness up so that next year I can compete again in the Ocean Swim & maybe even the Contact Triathlon.
3. To lose 20kg by the end of this year.

On Wednesday Brent went around to his friend's house to play so James played happily by himself with no arguing & fighting to be heard.  That in itself is a small piece of bliss.

On Thursday I started my training for the ocean swim by taking the boys down to Jellie Park to swim.  It was quite a nice warm day so we started off with me swimming my required lengths in the outside pool in a rash top.  The boys just puttered around in the water in the lane next to me.  Then James got cold so we went to warm up in the inside pools.

On Friday all fitness activites ground to a halt because James got stung twice by a wasp.  It is absolutely heart breaking to hear your child who has been being billigerent & unthinking of anyone cry out for his mum in exactly the cry he used to have when he was a toddler.  I think what got to me most was his "I want mummy"  He doesn't call me mummy anymore.  He was poking around in the area behind the compost bins with a stick, as boys do, & then he must have disturbed a wasp's nest because a little wasp flew down the neck of his tee-shirt & stung him once on teh neck & then moved on & stung him in between his neck & shoulder.  When I found him the wasp was still sitting there so I flicked it off & got James inside, then removed the stinger that was poking out of his flesh.  I put on some calamine lotion, but there was no way he was going outside after that.  That was the end of any thoughts of going for a run.

During the weekend we mowed the lawn & took a huge load of rubbish to the dump.  We also picked up the key to our new storage unit.  Hopefully this will solve our storage problems that we have at the moment while we work out just what to do with mum's stuff.

We also found out that mum's house is now up on the Bayleys Real Estate website

Really it was a week of catching up & planning what I want to accomplish fitness wise this year.  Now I just need to work out what else I want to accomplish this year rather than just sitting passively back & seeing what happens.

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Jenny said...

Good on you for writing down your goals! I think once they're written down it's easier to keep track of them.

Sorry James was bitten by a wasp - not pleasant