Friday, December 18, 2009

Sunday 13 December - Christmas Photo

I am working backwards here as Friday 11 December was such a busy day. 

After celebrating Brent's birthday at Drexels in Hereford Street I took the boys to Ballantynes to have a photo with santa.  Unfortunately Mr 10 year old now deems himself too big to have a photo with santa so for the first time ever for James, he got a solo photo of him & santa.  Obviously this isn't going to be a happening thing anymore so I'm pleased that I did at least get one of James & santa. 

I always thought it was a nice to have a yearly photo of the boys & santa but I have to admit I never stopped & thought what happens when they get too old?  Oh, well I'll work that out next year & this year will just have to be the way it is.  Quite nice really because Brent has 2 photos of just him & santa so now James gets to have the same but just at a different age.

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