Friday, September 25, 2009

Thursday 24 September - Virgin Earth

I've just finished another book. I just love reading Philippa Gregory books. I seem to get lost in them & have to consciously put the book down to do other things.

Virgin Earth follows on from Earthly Joys, this time following John Tradescant the younger. It is based during the reign of Charles I & the battles between the parliamentrians & the royalists. It was a time when you had to watch what you said & what religion you had, if you didn't like it & you could afford it, you could catch a ship to Virginia & try to be one of the first settlors there. John tried to live his life in both places & determine where his sense of loyalty lay. Of course it took to the end of the book for him to find that out.

As with her other books I was drawn in & found it hard to put down.

Next book I'm reading is Tribute by Nora Roberts.

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