Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Do I mind?

I am feeling very disappointed & sad at the moment. The light that I saw at the end of the tunnel was actually a train going in reverse!

Earlier this morning I received a phone call from Medbury School.
Mrs Criglington I was going through the paper work & I notice we have erraneously sent you a letter stating that we would accept James to start in Term 3. Unfortunately we cannot take him in Term 3 so I hope you don't mind if we accept him in Term 4.

Do I mind? To be pc I should say no I don't mind, what's another 10 weeks to me?. Truthfully, I mind!

I had planned how I was going to incorporate exercise into my morning as well as doing an hour of housework & then an extra 15 minutes of either baking or more housework. I was then going to spend the rest of my time scrapping.
I was so excited that finally I was going to have a bit of a longer time to myself in a block. I put off making a dentist's appointment thinking I can do it next term one morning rather than having to make it a rush job between dropping kids off & picking James back up. I was delaying a trip to the doctors for a flu jab for the same reason. Now what do I do? Do I wait another term or shall I try & fit it in. We all know how these particular trips can always be longer than you think thay would take.

Yes I mind! Who has to tell an excited little boy that he is not going to school next term after all? How do you tell him that without breaking his heart? We had even bought part of his uniform already in preparation for his starting. It means that we have been buying winter uniform stuff when in actual fact he will be starting in summer uniform. We have Phyllis taking in the shorts now (there's no rush for them now thankyou Phyllis). Whenever we go to the school he goes & has a look in the window of what is going to be his classroom.

Yes I mind! I will mind James until October & keep in mind that I have to prepare him for school & try to have him at least write his name by the time he starts. I will snuggle up & read to him on Wednesday afternoons. We will run the errands together & get a cup of coffee & something for him to eat on Friday afternoons. I will keep in mind that I have to enjoy these few weeks of James & me time because before long he will be at school. He has to go there one day.


Jenny said...

Now I think that's totally wrong! I hope you told the Principal that it was you who would have to tell one excited little boy that he was no longer going to school next term. But you are looking atit the right way - you have him with you for a few more weeks

Mel said...

How disappointing. I was on the board of trustees at our local school for 3years and we had an incident like this once. The board just decided to take the child anyway(despite being over their quota - we figured we couldn't disappoint them). What a shame. However you have the right attitude - just hug him and treasure the time.